Bamburi Coral Garden
Bamburi Coral Garden photo by B.Krstonošić

Location: Mombasa. Kenya
Depth: 7 metres | Rating: All divers | Distance: 5 minute boat ride

Situated within the lagoon this dive spot is ideal for beginners, inexperienced divers and 'rusty' divers requiring a refresher. Flat calm and shallow, the dive spot still has an enormous amount of marine life. This combination of shallow water and fish often proves popular to the photographer.

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If you visit Mombasa, Kenya or Zanzibar and you are interested in diving I recommend Buccaneers. One of the best Dive Centers in Africa, and only one with five stars rating in East Africa.
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Keziah Jones Live in Belgrade
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Bamburi Coral Garden, Mombasa, Kenya
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Keziah Jones Live in Belgrade
Keziah Jones Live [photo]
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